Middle distance race information


2021. June 

H-8360 Keszthely, Városi Strand (CityBeach)
(46°45’34.0” N 17°15’13.0” E)

Swimming: 1,9 km
Cycling: 90 km
Running: 21,1 km         

Date and location of start
Time: 2020 June 
Location of start: Keszthely Városi Strand (Keszthely City Beach)
Location of finish: Keszthely Promenade

Time and place of briefing
Time:  10 minutes before the start (at the start line)
Place: H-8360 Keszthely, main stage at the Promenade (in case of bad weather in a tent)

Transition areas
The organisers only accept responsibility for the belongings stored in the transition area adhering the official rules of transition. The transition will be monitored by CCTV.


Timing of transition:  

The transition area can only be entered by competitors after the compulsory equipment check.

In the transition area you must store your bike at the stand designated by your start number. On your bike you can only have the cycling shoes - fastened to the pedals - and other bike equipment, such as water bottles, pump, spare inner tubes etc.


All other bike equipment such as helmet and race number need to be stored in the BIKE bags (contained in the race goodybags) and hanged up onto your designated hook in the changing room located between the exit of the swim and the transition area. All the swim equipment will have to be put into these bags after the swim. Competitors can only proceed from the changing area after placing their BIKE bags into the collecting basket at the changing rooms.


The run equipment need to be stored in the RUN bags (contained in the race goodybags) and hanged up onto your designated hook in the second changing room at the exit of the transition area. All the bike equipment that will not stay on your bike such as helmet or cycling jersey will need to put into these bags while changing from the bike to the run. Competitors can only proceed from the changing area after placing their RUN bags into the collecting baskets.

The bikes and the transition bags (BIKE and RUN) can be collected from your designated stand and hooks in the changing areas after the finish. You can only collect your bags with your race number in the time interval of 6 hours and 45 minutes and 8 hours and 15 minutes after the start.

Official Competition Conditions

With the completion of the sign up and the online registration every competitor accepts the official rules of the Organisers and the Hungarian Triathlon Union and complies with these rules. With the sign up competitors declare that they start the race on their own responsibility and have suitable medical conditions and sufficient preparation to compete.

The maximum number of competitors is 800. Upon the request of the Hungarian Triathlon Union, we are indicating it in the official race information.

The official rules of the Hungarian Triathlon Union apply to the race equipment. You can find these under the following points of the Competition Regulations: 42. §, 45. §, 51. §.

During the swim, the use of compression sleeves are only allowed if wetsuits are allowed and the sleeves are worn under the wetsuit.

Check-in is compulsory for every competitor before the start. Competitors who miss check-in, will be disqualified.

Please note, drafting is NOT legal during cycling! Not complying with the non-drafting rule will result in a 5-minute time penalty by the race officials. This needs to be served at the end of the cycling leg before entering transition in the PENALTY ZONE. Those competitors who do not serve their penalty according to the rules will be disqualified. Competitors can unfasten their helmets after placing their bikes back to their designated stand in transition.

During the competitions, the use of mobile phones, music players or other music devices with earphones are not allowed! The use of any of these devices will result in immediate disqualification! (the only exception is using a mobile phone during cycling with a stopped bicycle)

According to the rules of the Hungarian Triathlon Federation (point 35.§ 2.) – only competitors with race license or registration can start at the competitions of the Hungarian Triathlon Federation. Therefore, only competitors with age-group registration and annual license can participate in Keszthely Triathlon! You can find more information about registration and race license on the website of the Federation: The licences of other federations are accepted. In case of missing license the participant has to buy a Hungarian license.


The competition will be chip timed, competitors will need to wear the timing chip provided by the Organisers during the race.

The not intended use of the timing chip or the race number will result in disqualification.

There will be no deposit needed for the timing chip.

Time limits

Swimming: 1 hour and 10 minutes to start the cycle leg
Cycling: 5 hours to start the run leg
Run: 7 hours and 30 minutes to finish

The finish time limit is fixed, small changes are possible regarding time limits after the swim and the cycle depending on the road use clearance of the authorities.

Medical information

DO NOT TAKE RISK! If you are not healthy, please do not start the race, there will be races in the future! If you experience medical problems on the day of the race, please consult with your doctor or visit the local medical office!
Note: If you take any drugs or there are any medical conditions/circumstances we should know about, please write this on the back of your start number!


FIT-MED, the official partner of the National Medical Services will provide medical support (2 medical cars, 3 motorbikes, 1 ambulance) during the race.

Changing facilities

Changing rooms will be available to use in the race headquarters during the weekend of the competition.


The organisers will provide a cloakroom in the race headquarters free of charge. The organisers accept no responsibility for the valuables and belongings left in the cloak rooms! The facility will be open on the 13 June 2020 from the opening of transition until one hour after the finish time limit.


There is a public toilet in the race headquarters available to use, additionally, the organisers will provide portable toilets in the race HQ, transition area and the aid stations.

Additional information

  • All competitors start the race on their own responsibility! The organisers accept no responsibility for personal injuries, loss or damage of belongings!
  • The competition is held according to the rules of the Hungarian Triathlon Union.
  • The Competiton Regulations of the Hungarian Triathlon Union will apply at the race. Competitors can submit caveats according to the Competition Regulations for a fee of HUF 10,000.

Prize giving ceremony



Location: the main stage at the promenade in the race headquarters (in case of bad weather, in the large event tent)

All the prizes will be awarded at the ceremony, so we ask all competitors to be present at the award ceremony to receive their prizes. We are unable to post prizes after the race.

Age groups


According to the rules of the Hungarian Union


License category




age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


age group, elite


junior, age group, elit


Prize money

The prize money will be awarded according to the absolute results in the male and female category. Total prize money: HUF 1,525,000. According to the rules of the Hungarian Triathlon Union, the top 3 in every age group will receive an award. The results will be posted on our website after the race.


Male absolute

Prize money (in HUF)

1st place


2nd place


3rd place


4th place


5th place


6th place



Female absolute

Prize money (in HUF)

1st place


2nd place


3rd place



The prize money are gross amounts and can only be paid upon an invoice. We accept invoices via email and mail.


Postal address: Tutaj utca 6/B. 6/7, Budapest, H-1133

The organisers will transfer the prize money within 60 days of receiving the invoice.

Invoice details: Kft.
Tutaj utca 6/B. 6/7, Budapest, H-1133
Tax number: 24079714-2-41

If a competitor cannot provide an invoice, the prize money will be taxed.

Please take note of the above.

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