Olympic distance on 10th June 2018

November 03, 2017 13:20 - I love Balaton
Olympic distance on 10th June 2018

On Sunday we organise an olympic distance race, what has a similar course like the middle distance.

The start time will be in the morning hours, according to our current vision at 11 o'clock. Of course, this will be clarified soon, but this depends on the decision of local authorities.


Swimming will be in the same lake where the middle is. :-) Seriously! Equally well-appointed, we will prepare you for the course provided by the Hungarian Lifeguard Instructor, as in the case of the mid-course. Track layout will also be similar. Here, too, we are trying to select a pitch that pulls out the competitors as much as possible, to ensure that there are fewer fights. Insisting on the traditions there will be one start time.

On the bike we had to figure out a new round for the short term. Approximately 30 kilometers from 40 kilometers of course match the route of the Saturday race, which is also a guarantee of the usual high quality. Of course, there are also the closed, safe bike course for Olympic starters.

We will also plan the runway so that our short-distance competitors can enjoy as much as possible from Keszhely's sights and from the bustling atmosphere next to the track. Festetics Castle can not be left out of sight.

At the end, you can find everything in the athlete's garden to refill the burned energy.575_ktri_facebook_registration_opens

In addition to the length of the distance, what will be the shorter distance different on Sunday than mid-distance on Saturday?

- You can be drafting on a Sunday! Leave the TT bike at home and bring the Road bikes ...

- We will not have a bag system in our shorter race.

What you can expect:

- High-quality organization

- Beautiful competition center

- Outstanding upgrade

- A lot of fans

- Rich startup package


As of this weekend, we will be making super program for next year's Keszthely 3 day sports festival. It is good to coming to us on Saturday and watching and kicking in the midfielders so you can head to the next day's race. And if you're involved in a loose move, call the Saturday 575 Sunset Run on 7 or 14 kilometers. The afternoon running for kids will be free of charge next year. :-)

We are waiting for you!

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