European Champion, Sketako will come back to Keszthely in 2017

January 13, 2017 14:08 - I love Balaton
European Champion, Sketako will come back to Keszthely in 2017

Last year this modest sportman, Denis Sketako arrived at Keszthely with his beautiful girlfriend, Masa and a lot of triathlete friends.

Denis finished the middle-distance with a superb result and reached the 5th place. He really enjoyed the competition and the staying here at lake Balaton so he already signed up for the Keszthely Triathlon 2017.

What did you do before you became a PRO? Or do you still have a job beside the triathlon?

Before I became a professional triathlete I was working as a lifeguard. As everyone knows triathlon is an expensive sport that’s why I still had to work in our family company, where we sell and exchange tyres, before I went to my training camp in Gran Canaria in december 2016.

What is your daily routine?

I wake up around 6 o'clock in the morning after I have a breakfast and go to the swimming pool to start my training at 7. Before lunch I do bike and after the run in the end. Recently I give more attention to stretching excercices. At the end of the day I discuss my daily workout with my coach, I answer e-mails and spend a short time with my family.


What is your impression about Keszthely Triathlon?

For me it was a very fast race with beautiful surroundings. I liked how aid stations were positioned and the very good marked way, too. The atmosphere was great! Especially in the uphill where the audience was helping me to push even more.

How was the bike course?

In the first lap I didn’t feel good myself, because I couldn't push on my maximum because I vasted to much energy in the water. Later I found my pace and I was satisfited with my bike time.

How was the run and did the supporters help you?

As I said supporters were great! They encouraged us during the whole course. Specially I remember the kids who were very loud at the hardest part and I am sure they helped me a lot to keep my tempo. I especially liked the part of the run through the park, where was a great shadow and a little bit lower temperature.

How looks like your preparation during the winter time?

I like to go to Mediterranean camps and fortunately I can go there a few times during the winter.  First I was at Gran Canaria for 4 weeks in December. In January I'm going to spend two weeks in Croatia by the sea and in February I'm going back to Gran Canaria again, where every conditions are perfect for training.


How did you like Keszthely and lake Balaton?

It is a very nice town. My girlfriend and me liked the style of the houses around the lake and the lovely calm atmosphere, what lake Balaton gives. The people were very kind and we enjoyed tasting traditional Hungarian dishes. 

Do you like the jersey what you got in the racepack in 2016?

Jersey is very cool, good material and the colours are matching perfectly with my bike. I like it very much and I usually use it during my trainings. My friends asked me where I got it and I invited them to do Keszthely Triathlon.

What is your hobby?


Do you have any superstition before the races?

Not really...The only thing is that I touch the sand before jump in to the water.


Are you interested? Don't hesitate! Just click on the picture and sign up today!




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