Keszthely 2025 = Keszthely 1900

December 12, 2015 09:54 - I love Balaton
Keszthely 2025 = Keszthely 1900

Let’s see the most important projects, maybe some of them might come true:

Green town centre

The aims are making the side-streets and cortiles opening from the Kossuth Lajos street penetrable, and establishing green areas and new public places. The Kossuth Lajos street is one of the stressed districts of the inner town so the ’’green town – calm town” conception is chiefly important to appear. For the utilization of the little streets and back-courts opening from here they would make new green surfaces, mainly by introducing climate resistant vegetation and placing street furniture that call the mood of the centenary. The side-streets that connect the Kossuth Lajos street and Bem József street would be partly opened together. Thus a public place system would form that possesses increased green fields and that ensures the possibility of calm relaxation also in the inner town.

Reconstruction of the former Beer-House


Establishing multifunctional places in the area of the former brewery is among the plans. The aims are making a cultural tourist attraction that is worthy of the building’s past, showing the past and present of beer-making and establishing an associated catering place (beer-tasting). Besides, the building is magnificently suitable for forming a centre that shows Keszthely, the lake Balaton in Zala county and the parts of eastern Zala. It would be a cultural place, a tourist attraction and a super location to show the town and its area’s heritage and their tourist attractions in itself (differently from the traditional Tourinform office).

Rehabilitation of the Helikon park


Entire rehabilitation of the Helikon park’s green fields, restoration of the Helikon monument and change of the promenades’ pavement are further plans. By renewing the central walkway of the park, the establishment of the promenade system that connects the town’s main tourist centres may end.  The Helikon Park’s green areas, rests and street furniture would be replaced by the ones with the mood of the centenary. On the one hand they refer to the fullness of the Festetics-heritage, on the other hand they reflect the cultural and historical luxuriance of Keszthely and its regional role. The park and the promenade shaped in this way would contribute to the establishment of the ’’second town centre” conception since it would divert traffic from the town centre to the shore of the Balaton. Beside the entire recultivation of the undergrowth they would also clean the drainage ditches in the territory of the park.

Pre-war Bathing Culture theme park on the shore of Lake Balaton


By the realization of the ’’Pre-war Bathing Culture” theme park they plan to attain a four-seasonal attraction that makes the Balaton-shore in Keszthely attractive apart from the beach season. The process that aims at retrieving the mood of the centenary has already started (development of the promenade and green surfaces, renovation of the bath island, etc.). Its next step would be a sight based on real interactive usage. The theme park would be instituted as the part of the Municipal Beach, as a complementary attraction with adventure elements that shows the period bathing customs, the waterside life and it makes the trial of them possible.

Renovation of Hotel Balaton



The emblematical building of the Balaton-shore in Keszthely is the real estate of Hotel Balaton that is in poor condition at present. The location of the development is privately owned thus it must be bought as the first step. After that it would come to the external and internal renovation of the building, the reconstruction of the original functions and the establishment of new functions and adventure elements that are suitable for the period’s requirements.

The Phoenix galley exhibition place


Emphasizing the shipping and fishing past of the town also contributes to the strengthening of the historical and cultural role since there were a military harbour and a Roman fort in the town even in the Roman age. The Phoenix galley is the symbol of the Keszthely and it was the biggest sailing boat that cut through the waves of the Balaton ever. The Phoenix galley exhibition place calls the attention on the significant role of Keszthely in the shipping-history of the Balaton. On the one hand they would like to establish a permanent exhibition that shows sail-shipping on the Balaton and the symbol of the town, the Phoenix galley. On the other hand it would provide a location for handwork activities. According to the conception of the exhibition in the building’s internal place the Phoenix galley would be seen as a half-section model on a small scale.  As the part of the exhibition they would also display the effect of the Festetics family on sailing culture of the Balaton.  Besides, the monumental building’s court would get emphasized role as well. The evident goals of the exhibition are showing thousands years old history of sailing on the Balaton and introducing Phoenix galley to the visitors of the town by raising a monument to the memory of it.

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