Wellness by the Lake Balaton: Kehidakustány

December 02, 2015 11:29 - I love Balaton
Wellness by the Lake Balaton: Kehidakustány

Therefore we tried a spa that is worth inserting as an extra program if we are round this way.

The Kehida Termál Health Resort and Family Spa is 20 kilometres far from Keszthely and we visited here several times in winter. The place in view of data: 2400 m2 water surface, 13 pools, thermal water with outstanding classification containing calcium, magnesium and hydrogen-carbonate, but I think you will be more interested in the Adventure bath, the giant slide and the whirlpool.


You can choose of three entrance fees (zones). The green one refers only the Adventure bath and Outdoor spa, you can enter also the Medical spa with the white ticket, and with the red one you can use the Sauna World as well. The tickets are rather expensive, we pay 3650 forints for a 3 hours’ red ticket. But let’s see what we get for this price.


It takes a long time to find our lockers, of course it is not definitely the insufficiency of the spa. There are hardly any places, we don’t have a chance to put our packs down on the bench that belongs to 20 lockers, a family with two children is trying to gather and dress the children who are overexcited by splashing. It has already taken ten minutes to blunder, we hate dressing from the locker, but we don’t mind, let’s go to the outside thermal sitting pool. It is unpleasant a little bit in 8 degree weather, unfortunately, we have to walk at least 20 metres outdoor. (Bring a gown if you can.) 

As we are frozen the thermal water seems to be too hot in the first minutes. Otherwise it’s wonderful. 20 minutes in alpha-state. After that we change the original plan with regard to the cold weather and we don’t join the kamikazes swimming in the outside swimming pool. After 15 terrible seconds of shivering we are at the adventure bath. Probably that’s why Kehida is so popular: whirlpool, adventure elements, bridges, slide and huge spaces. Little ones love the baby pool and it is also good that parents can watch them from the near loungers.



It probably goes with aging but we appreciate a good honeyed pouring in the sauna more than a slip into the unknown. We can go to the Sauna World upstairs only after a small tour, we have to take a short cut across the half of Adventure bath. We have to balance between the folding chairs and the water surface, on the floor that is hardly 20 centimetres somewhere and after a while it becomes irritating. For you and for the relaxing guests, too.

Kehida_termal_szauna_1There are more than this

We recommend the Sauna World only to those people who are not disturbed by naked guests. They don’t wear nothing at all. Not only in the sauna but in general. And not because they don’t give sauna sheet. The more kinds of sauna, the steam bath, the plunge pool and the jacuzzi ensure the standard that is suggested by the ticket’s price, it is a pity that there are so many people at the weekend that we cannot find free bed to relax. But at least we can drink herb tea unrestrictedly.


The crew is kind and helpful everywhere, the old ladies working at the Sauna World are so nice that they should take further training for the despotic bathing attendants of the swimming pools of Budapest. The restaurant is behind the standard that we would imagine after the almost 4000-forint ticket. It is a pity because Kehida wellness is otherwise a good program, especially with children provided that we don’t want to have enough here.



Kehida Termál Health Resort and Family Spa
Kehidakustány, Kossuth Lajos street

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