575 Triathlon in Keszthely in 2018

středa 20. prosinec 2017 10:47 - Agoston Straub
575 Triathlon in Keszthely in 2018

In 2018 we will organize the 575 Triathlon race again in the wonderful Keszthely.

The successful halfdistance of the previous years has represented more and more competitors and supporters every year thanks to the great organization and the beautiful Balaton environment.

This year, Andreas Raelert proved to be the fastest one, who finished the race in three hours 47 minutes. Behind him shortly after the only 25 years old Thomas Steger ran. In the women's field, Michaela Herlbauer won with 4:19.

We feel good about the way they saw the race:




Not only this year, but last year there were star triathletes too, like David Plese scored second place and shortly behind him Timo Bracht became the third. In the women, Diana Riesler got the gold medal.

We will raise the bet in 2018, and we expect you to have an even better racing track where you can bike on a fully closed road with wide high-quality asphalt. We also re-plan our rinning course so the beautiful Festetics Castle will get a bigger role.


During swimming, boats and kayakers will take care of you while on the bicycle and on the runing course we will refresh you by high5. Not only isotonic drinks, but also gels and slices are waiting for you!


The 2018 575 Triathlon Sport Weekend welcomes everyone, not only for you, but for your friends, fans, and family too. If you are just getting interested about the triathlon, you can try out the Olympic distance on Sunday, but if you just want to run, on Saturday night the you can choose the 7 and 14 km long 575 run during the night. Running can only be register online, which starts on November 8th. Children are free to run (between 3 and 14), but they are also required to register and enter. We create shorter distances for the kids like 300 m, 600m, and 1200m.


We will soon provide more information on the entry of the Olympic Distance.

Of course, in addition to the many racing opportunities you can find many other programs in Keszthely. There are plenty of beaches at Lake Balaton, but there are also hiking trips, wine cellars, museums and restaurants nearby. The famous Hévíz Spa is just one step where everything has been given to relax after the competition.


(Source: - Héviz)

In 2018, you can also choose the Keszthely halfway from the 575 triathlon and we will help you with the booking: by clicking on this link you can see all the possibilities in the area and you can now book your accommodation to find the best one for you.

Registration here!

Changes in the registration system

čtvrtek 27. říjen 2016 12:19 - I love Balaton
Changes in the registration system

Changes in the registration system

Cviky na dokonalé protahování

středa 27. leden 2016 13:55 - Kata Rajnay
Cviky na dokonalé protahování

Poradíme vám, jak na zatuhlé svaly a jak zlepšit sportovní výkony

Noční můra všech sportovců: svalová křeč. Tak tomu se lze bránit!

100% úspěšná metoda není, ale správné stravování a nápoje dokážou zázraky.

Co umí maso? A jak z něho dostat maximum?

úterý 22. prosinec 2015 12:15 - I love Balaton
Co umí maso? A jak z něho dostat maximum?

Konzumujte jen nepředpřipravená, správně upravená masa!

Možnost volby dresu v disciplíně střední délky

středa 16. prosinec 2015 13:28 - I love Balaton
Možnost volby dresu v disciplíně střední délky

Podívej se, jaké vzory dresů můžeš vybírat, pokud se účastníš střední délky!

Jak se registrovat a zapsat na soutěž Keszthely Triathlon?

čtvrtek 10. prosinec 2015 10:34 - I love Balaton
Jak se registrovat a zapsat na soutěž Keszthely Triathlon?

Letošné změny v registraci na soutěž Keszthely Triathlon a jejich vysvětlení.

Body roller může významně zvyšovat sportovní výkony

středa 09. prosinec 2015 12:07 - Kata Rajnay
Body roller může významně zvyšovat sportovní výkony

Pomůcka, která uvolňuje svaly a zároveň zmírňuje bolest.