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Start of the profil creation or update: 03 October 2017 7PM

Start of the Olympic distance registration: 20 November 2017 7PM 

You can only register for the race on the website for the sign up fees below.

Please note that sign up is NOT possible on the day!

Competitors need to pay online following the online registration, otherwise their sign up is invalid and will be cancelled.

It is worth to read the following article before creation of the user profile:


575 Triathlon - Keszthely Olympic Distance sign up fees:

The maximum number of competitors is 600

Sign up tiers:


1-100 people

42 EUR

101-250 people

50 EUR

251-400 people

58 EUR

401-600 people

66 EUR

On the day

Not possible




 575 Triathlon – Kesztely Middle Distance sign up fees:


The maximum number of foreign competitors is  300

Sign up tiers:


1-50 people

92 EUR

51-200 people

101 EUR

201-350 people

109 EUR

351-500 people

117 EUR

501-650 people

126 EUR

651-750 people

134 EUR

751-850 people

143 EUR

851-950 people

151 EUR

951-1050 people

159 EUR

1051-1150 people

168 EUR

On the day


The prices above include VAT (ÁFA).



The sign up rules for the middle distance:

  • Tier 1 – 50 people can sign up
  • Tier 2 – 150 people can sign up
  • Tier 3 – 150 people can sign up
  • Tier 4 – 150 people can sign up
  • Tier 5 – 150 people can sign up
  • Tier 6 – 100 people can sign up
  • Tier 7 – 100 people can sign up
  • Tier 8 - 100 people can sign up
  • Tier 9 - 100 people can sign up
  • Tier 10 - 100 people can sign up
  • After the online registration you need to pay the sign up fee online – if this does not happen the sign up will be cancelled and you can only register in the current tier. 
  • You have 20 minutes to fill up the online registation form and and pay for your sign up. You can do the registration and the payment separately but the prices of the current tier will apply at the time of the payment. 
  • If the places of the current tier fill up, the prices of the next tier will apply. 


To register, click here: 


The sign up fee includes:

  • participation in the race
  • closed and secured circuit
  • medical support
  • labelled swim cap (not decided for olympic distance)
  • chip timing
  • refreshments at aid stations and the finish
  • race goodybag with sponsor gifts (not decided for olympic distance)
  • race medal
  • Pasta Party ticket (not decided for olympic distance)

Paying online:

  • Only possible with credit cards suitable for online payments. 
  • You need to pay the sign up fee at the end of the registatration process, otherwise your sign up will be cancelled.

If you require an invoice or receipt it is possible only on the spot.

By signing up you accept the following:

  • If you cancel your registration, 30 EUR will be deducted from your refund for administrative costs
  • We will not accept cancellations after 15 April 2018 – no refund 
  • You can pass on your sign up until 25 May 2018 for an administrative fee of 20 EUR

In case of cancellation or changes of sign ups please email us on OR

Please note, we are unable to validate vouchers after the sign up! Thank you for your understanding.




Changes in the registration system

październik 27, 2016 12:14 - I love Balaton
Changes in the registration system

Changes in the registration system

Pływanie na wodach otwartych: 5 trików, aby mieć jeszcze lepsze wyniki!

Niestety nie wystarczy, że jesteś „the best” w basenie.

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Wellness nad Balatonem: Kehidakustány

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Największa zmora każdego sportowca: niekontrolowany skurcz mięśni.

Nie ma stuprocentowej metody, ale dieta i napoje sportowe mogą być bardzo pomocne.

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Keszthely 2025 = Keszthely 1900

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