Zenit Hotel Balaton: the nearly perfect Balaton hotel

June 14, 2014 16:32 - I love Balaton
Zenit Hotel Balaton: the nearly perfect Balaton hotel

Excellent rooms, good wellness section, view, dinner and bread: who cares that it’s on top of a hill?

I will summarize the reason the question arose: because the hotel is by far on a higher standard than the Balaton average, it’s among the best, while in its own category it’s the cheapest. We couldn’t understand. To be honest we still don’t: it’s a great mistake to believe that there are distances at Lake Balaton. On the one hand, if you don’t drive up to the north shore, you rather speed down the motorway on the south all the way to the western tip, and you approach Vonyarcvashegy through Keszthely, you can be there in two hours. On the other hand, the hotel is just 60 kilometers from Balatonfüred, and all the good things you receive at Zenit during your holiday is certainly worth that much.

We tested a lot of good hotels in the region, but this one was outstanding even among those. The location is excellent: even though it’s on top of the hill, so you need to drive a car to the beach, you are compensated by crystal clean air and a panoramic view.

The staff is sometimes endearingly amateur, sometimes pleasantly professional, the quality fluctuates, but their attitude doesn’t, not even for a moment, and in reality that is the most important: while you are on a holiday it really doesn’t matter at all if you get your coffee in half a minute or seven minutes, the point is for nobody to think that you are a moron in the meantime, and that you don’t need to feel unpleasant because of the attitude of the staff. You don’t have to worry about this here.

So, let’s talk about the rooms, which are really full of genius: they are spacious, the proportions, coatings are excellent, and I can’t imagine a better foreplay for either young or older couples than the shower separated from the living room by a glass wall: only the outlines are visible, but that’s just enough. I also liked the utilized materials, elegant dark wood used plentifully, and the green carpet that excellently complements it, the bed is comfortable, and the Wi-Fi is faster than anything we have ever observed around Lake Balaton.

The wellness services are also top notch: the Jacuzzi is not underground, rather on the second floor on the sunbathing terrace, from where you can enjoy a view of Lake Balaton, indoors there is a large pool suitable for swimming, a bubble bath and a children’s pool (the hotel is child friendly, there is a well-equipped game room and a playground). And there is the sauna-hall, I have never been in a better one: quiet, semi-dark, breezy, the Finnish sauna is extremely spacious and the whole section is very orderly in general. This is perhaps the first hotel where I didn’t see A4 sheets stuck all over the place with Scotch tape, defacing everything (generally, this is what they use to communicate, where you shouldn’t step, what you shouldn’t do, which is the entrance). This appears to be an insignificant detail, but it’s these kinds of things that show if the establishment is truly refined, or just wants to look that way.

And then there is the food: something that is separated from the view by such gigantic window panes can’t possibly be bad to begin with:

And the food is good even aside from that. We ate smoked trout and marinated wild salmon which were both much better than any appetizer served in most hotels. I have always said that it’s not a broad selection that is necessary, rather high quality, we would have been satisfied by these two fish already.

I also tasted their butcher soup, they put all sorts of meat in that, everything they found, and it was wholesome as well:

Rib-roast, which is an excellent, juicy dish, with cleverly selected dressing:

And Lady Hamilton turkey breast, which was not as exciting, perhaps it was an escape route for those who hate fish and ribs.

The breakfast was not so divers, but this is where we ate the best bread for a long time, not just around Lake Balaton, but in all of Hungary: it was crunchy on the outside, full but soft on the inside. And you can order room service breakfast for barely HUF two thousand, which may be the after-play of the night commenced by the semi-transparent shower.


In summary: it’s a good hotel from every point of view, at a fantastic price compared to the provided service, so don’t be stingy with the extra kilometers of driving, if you have the chance you should absolutely try Zenit Hotel Balaton.

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