Top list of Keszthely – the Best Places

November 25, 2015 15:16 - I love Balaton
Top list of Keszthely – the Best Places

If you seek either cultural or gastronomic experiences, you can find them here. But you won’t be disappointed not even if holiday means only wellness and bathing for you.

In Gyenesdiás and Keszthely that are totally built together five beaches fight for the favour of vacationers and locals, what is more, Vonyarcvashegy and Balatongyörök are also considered trendy. No wonder if beaches are offering more and more extras. Besides the basic provisions almost all of them have different profiles, they emphasize not the same age-group in such a way that everyone can feel good.

The large Municipal beach (Városi strand) of Keszthely represents the absolute premium category with its beautifully restored bath island, the pool and with lots of toys – true enough that they charge a high price for them. If you feel this extravagance, you can find more super beaches in the neighbourhood.


The – usually crowded – Lidó beach of Vonyarcvashegy is about milling and whirling, you can go water skiing, wakeboarding, you can use open-air training machines and do sports. The Play beach (Játékstrand) of Diás (Gyenesdiás) – as its name suggests – is the ideal place for those people who like active recreation – there are beach kayak, trampoline, billiards, minigolf, table tennis and slide, too.

Strange to say that the best hotels can be found not in Keszthely but for its some kilometres round. Danubius Hotel Spa in Hévíz is a real retro-gem, Hotel Zenit of Vonyarcvashegy is one of the best destinations not only in this region but in the neighbourhood of the whole Balaton as well, it has got large, modern, nice rooms, wellness-section and foods better than average.

While we are at wellness: however, it started cooling, Lake Hévíz is still compulsory experience, its wellness section is super but watch on your stuffs because theft is not rare. Besides the thermal lake you can bathe at lots of other places under many-star circumstances as an outside guest. In the thermal spa of NaturMed Hotel Carbona you can feel like a patrician, and if you desire more modern environment, splash into the pools of the ultra-modish Zena Beauty Med Center.


As regards cultural programs the Helikon Castle of Keszthely is basic and its park is worth a walk. Keszthely is the recorder in the field of (very strange) museums per head, there is one at almost every corner in the town centre. The Museum of Horror is about the cruellest torturing methods, in the Sex-Waxworks (Szexpanoptikum) that cannot be visited under age, not at all shy wax models show the most popular postures with historical outlook. And there is a Cadillac Museum also in the town with a car that had a role in the movie The Godfather.

But let’s see the gastronomic market. The Fröccsterasz as a street food acropolis by the lake is obligatory if you want to try Vízikutya and the burger containing ground-beef patty of Angus beef, and of course you can also taste quality vine.



For the more classical culinary experiences you have to leave the city: Bock Bisztró Balaton opened in one of the Hotel Zenit’s restaurants, in the Festetics Taverna that can be found here as well you can get to know the pieces of a love story besides the considerable vine-selection. In the Fish- and growers’ market in Gyenesdiás and in the growers’ market in Hévíz you may have your choice out of goat’s-milk cheese, jam, honey, smoked fish, etc. In the Öreg Harang restaurant in Hévíz you get not only good food from the waiter but a full performance, too.


If you can’t stand lying on the beach for a long time and if you are fed up with the museums, there are many options to let off steam. The pathways of the Adventure Beach (Kalandstrand) in Gyenesdiás seem to be easy on the face of them, but you actually sweat. You can go hiking in the Keszthely-mountains, go cycling in the surroundings of Hévíz and Kis-Balaton and if you want to step out your comfort zone, try the extreme tours of the Csodabogyós-cave (Csodabogyós-barlang) in Balatonederics.

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