Entry for the 2018 race

October 10, 2017 10:10 - Agoston Straub
Entry for the 2018 race

Are you ready for registration? Did you have any data sheets last year? Cool! We are also asked to log in again before entering the account, and make sure everything is ok.

If you do not want to lose valuable time and miss one of the best prices, be sure to listen to us and check your existing datasheet or make your registration. If the registration and the datasheet are OK, the registration will be easy and simple.


First of all, once again about registration:

  • - Before submitting an entry, sign in to your existing account and check the data sheet to see if all the data is properly filled out.
  • - Additionally, anyone who has a title, select it in the appropriate box and change his full name accordingly.
  • To enter the competitor's details, please give your existing license numbers and select the type of competition license. (A = amateur, E = elite, U = replenishment, P = para) Those who do not have a license for this year do not have a problem, but they can not start the race under the MTSZ rules, so they will have to change it next year. If you get a foreign license from your club, it is also appropriate.
  • Registration and process description can be accessed here:


From the opening of the registration, from October 10, 19 PM, (when the data sheets are properly filled up), you will see the Sign In button, which you can click to choose a distance, and you will also give two or three quick data (shirt size, planned time) and you can save the entry.

To avoid any misunderstanding, make sure that when you select the distance you will see the actual entry price right away. This does not change for 20 minutes, so if a valid payment is made, the entry fee is guaranteed at that price. If you are "offline" for 20 minutes, you may have been lost in the preferential band.

After this you can then find yourself on the payment page where you can match the entry fee with an online credit card. It is important that the entry will only be valid if the transaction is completed at the end, otherwise it will be lost. You will receive a confirmation letter for a successful entry and it will also be visible under the Registration tab.

You can find the entry fees and the bands by clicking here.

For the first time this year, due to the large number of foreign interest, next year's competition will be open to foreign starters from the moment of opening.



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