How to register for 2018?

October 04, 2017 13:22 - Agoston Straub
How to register for 2018?

Please read our article carefully to ensure that everything is fine when filling in the page.

Our competitors with existing registration:
It's important to note that for anyone who already has an existing registration the only things to do to get in are to read and to update. Now, there is still plenty of time to solve the problem with the forgotten password, or if you signed up with your facebook profile in the previous years.

We ask every competitor who has an existing registration to complete the above-mentioned few minutes of work so that it does not waste valuable time at the moment of registration and may therefore drop off the preferential prices.

Create new registration:

This part of our article is about our newcomers, we ask you to read it carefully and to do it step by step.

The Keszthely Triathlon website ( has a Sign in button in the top menu bar at the right side that you can click to register and create your own profile.

For simplicity and for faster registration, you can choose between Facebook or Google. If you have entered any of your IDs in your browser anyway, then only one confirmation is required.

After successful entry, you will find yourself at a form to fill in. These are necessary and required, without filling it in the system will not be able to register at the time of opening.

During the registration, you have the opportunity to add more than one competitor and save their data. You can register a group (by adding a new competitor), but the contact person will always be the owner of the registration. 

If you have entered all the information correctly and everything is OK, you will see the following page: 


Sign up and remember that:


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