Changes in the registration system

October 27, 2016 10:36 - I love Balaton
Changes in the registration system

A few data fields have been modified, so if you already have a user account, then we ask you to log in and provide the necessary data. If you fill in the fields now, then you don’t have to rush at registration!

Before registration and the set-up of a user account, it’s worth to have a read through the following:

How to register and sign up for Triathlon Keszthely?


We will need some new data, therefore we have modified the data sheets. There are some new boxes which are obligatory and you won’t be able to complete your registration unless you have filled in all of them.

So please log to your personal account and please fill in the missing boxes under in the menu „Datasheet”.

What do we need and why?

Please select a title on the datasheet at the part „Athlete data”, if you have one. If you have put your data into your name box before, then we kindly ask you to modify this. Please provide your name as it is written in your personal ID.


On site, we are putting the athletes into alphabetical order, and 80% of them tend to forget which title they have registered with, if they have registered with our without their doctor title, etc. In order to be able to serve our athletes effectively, please provide the these data precisely.

In your personal ID, only the doctor title can appear officially, so we kindly ask you to avoid pre-names as jr., sr., etc.  

On the data sheet, a new box has appeared under „Athlete data”: license number. If you have an athlete pass, then please fill out this box also.


We ask you additionally for 5 more obligatory data: body weight, body height, waist size, hip size, breast size. We ask you to provide this data precisely, because afterwards we’ll be able to surprise you with taylor-made presents. Let us suprise you ;)


IMPORTANT NOTICE! If you have more than one athlete registered under your account, then you have to provide the data for all of them.



Don’t forget: registration for the half distance opens on November 3rd, Thursday at 10:00AM!



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575 Triathlon in Keszthely in 2018

575 Triathlon in Keszthely in 2018

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October 10, 2017 10:10 - Agoston Straub
Entry for the 2018 race

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How to register for 2018?

Follow our guidence and you can do it easily

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